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Varying needs and different price points might call for multiple labs, but that doesn’t mean looking beyond a single one-stop solution. BonaDent and Danaren are distinct labs with unique strengths. BonaDent is the Anterior & Complex Case Specialists and Danaren® Makes Beautiful Restorations Affordable. Their differences allow us to provide a unique solution – one with a single-minded dedication to satisfying every need of your dental practice.

Together in support of your growth

Growth can be challenging. It takes the right focus. It requires the right partners. And it demands a consistent commitment to excellence. In partnership, BonaDent and Danaren have all the ingredients to help you scale your practice, dental group, or service organization to achieve lasting growth while enhancing the patient experience, whatever their individual needs.

BonaDent delivers Anterior & Complex Cases with a high level of skill and expertise coupled with a single point of technical communication and a memorable client experience.

Danaren provides a solution for those situations that require a low-cost, quality restoration manufactured quickly and consistently through the efficiency and precision of CAD/CAM technology and by employing technicians in specialized roles.

The result is that when we work together—your practice and our labs—you’ll enjoy the consistent benefits of a relationship that delivers:

Our Pledge:

We get it Right the first time

The Right Fit —
marginal integrity and contacts

The Right Form —
contours and texture

The Right Function —

The Right Color—
shade and translucency

Anterior and Complex Case Specialists

Fast turnaround times

  • Product Days in Lab
  • Metal-Free Restorations 5 days
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Restorations 5 days
  • Custom Implant Abutments w/ Restoration 10 days
  • Cast Partial Framework 5 days
  • Set-Up & Try-In 3 days
  • Denture/Partial Finishing 3 days
  • Relines, Rebases, Repairs 2 days

Let’s get started

BonaDent and Danaren are two labs but provide one unfailing relationship that allows you to scale profitability while maintaining the highest level of care for your patients.

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