Surgical Solutions – Planning and Surgical Guides

Surgical Solutions – Planning and Surgical Guides

BonaDent’s Digital Treatment Planning Service is a true collaboration between our technical specialists and the restorative doctor. Based on anatomical information obtained from the CBCT scan and the desired prosthetic tooth arrangement, together we determine ideal implant placement location and size, leading to a very predictable outcome and a perfectly fitting, esthetically pleasing final prosthesis. BonaDent’s surgical guides are precise, easy to use and created to accurately fit your implant plan and patient’s anatomy.

Product Details

  • CBCT scans
  • Dual scans required for edentulous patients
  • Models – digital or physical, BOTH Maxillary and Mandibular
  • Bite registration
  • Shade selection
  • Series of 6 photographs: full-face large smile, full-face in repose, retracted view, lateral view, full-profile large smile, and full-profile lips at rest
  • Predictable outcomes with implant position and stability
  • Significantly improves final restorative esthetics
  • BonaDent accepts all CBCT scans

CBCT scans should be in raw dicom form, and models or scans should capture as many anatomical landmarks as possible. Scans or models should be taken within 3 months of planning. It is required that scan markers be used for all dual scans. 

BonaDent’s Surgical Solutions Team will evaluate all CBCT scans upon arrival; new scans will be requested if distortion is discovered during the evaluation process.