As we continue to expand our ceramic options, our highly trained team of experts is available to help you make the right choice when treatment planning.

Complete Z™ Full-Contour Zirconia Crowns

Complete Z™

Complete Z™ full-contour restorations use advanced digital technology for superior contour and marginal accuracy.

Complete Z Ultra

Complete Z™ Ultra

A thin (.5 to 1.0 mm) facial porcelain layering over a Complete Z™ restoration dramatically enhances anterior esthetics without compromising the inherent strength of zirconia.

Capital Zi Esthetic™

Zi Esthetic™

Zi Esthetic™ restorations combines the strength of a Zirconia substructure with the natural beauty of a layered metal-free restoration. Our ceramists layer porcelain specifically formulated for adherence to Zirconia, creating the perfect PFM alternative for you and your patient.

IPS e.max® & e.max Ultra

IPS e.max® & e.max Ultra

Lithium discilicate restorations using IPS e.max® bring you superior strength and brilliant, life-like esthetics.

Considered by many to be the most esthetic restoration available, we take e.max even further with e.max Ultra. By utilizing a cut-back technique and hand-layering e.max material to the incisal third, your ceramist can achieve the most naturally esthetic result possible.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)


Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) options remain tried and true choices for restorative success based on their strength and esthetics. You have your choice of high-quality alloys to choose from and can opt for our all-inclusive pricing option.  If indications call for the use of metal or you’re just feeling nostalgic, PFM’s remain a viable option in many situations.

Sheer Veneers

Sheer Veneers™

All-ceramic Sheer Veneers™ are highly esthetic and simplify the processes of color control and shade matching to surrounding dentition. Created using feldspathic porcelain or e.max, our Sheer Veneers™ can be a little as .2 to .3 mm thin. As esthetic as they are delicate, Sheer Veneers™ are sent to you in a special carrier that includes a pick-up stick for your convenience (and peace of mind) when transferring from tray to patient.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

A BonaDent Diagnostic Wax-Up is an invaluable tool to create ideal temporaries and highly esthetic final restorations. Our elite team will guide you through treatment planning, prep design and ideal material selection for outstanding results.