Anti-Snoring Appliances


The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends oral appliances as a front-line treatment for snoring and mild sleep apnea. BonaDent’s Anti-Snoring Appliances open a patient’s airway to deliver a quiet and comfortable night’s sleep. The knowledge, expertise, and skill of our Removable Team consistently deliver predictable, well-fitting appliances that are adjustable and easy to wear.

Dream Tap by Airway Management

dreamTAP™ by Airway Management

The dreamTAP™ appliance holds your patient’s lower jaw in the forward position using a hook mechanism in order to prevent the soft tissue of the throat from collapsing and obstructing the airway, ultimately preventing snoring. Its sleek, unique new design and adjustment key lets the patient fine-tune their treatment for effectiveness and comfort.

EMA Oral Appliance from Myerson

EMA® Oral Appliance from Myerson

The EMA® oral appliance increases airway space by moving the mandible protrusively using interchangeable elastic straps—the shorter the strap, the farther the mandible is advanced.