Authorized Lava Milling Center

Zirconium Oxide Metal-Free Restorations
... Safe, strong & beautiful

3M™ ESPE™ Lava™As an Authorized Lava Milling Center, we are able to maintain full control of every Lava restoration we provide, especially the perfect intimacy of the fit over your preparation and the marginal accuracy of every Lava™ we create.

Lava™ is beautifully indicated for:

  • Anterior or posterior regions
  • Single units
  • Three to Six Unit Bridge Spans
  • Maryland Bridges
  • Inlay/Onlay Bridges

Lava™ is the ideal combination of strength and metal-free esthetics. As an Authorized Milling Center with full control from start to finish, your Lava™ restorations will have proper porcelain support, for long-lasting durability. And conventional cementation, with no need for bonding, saves you chair time.

Lava™ Zirconium oxide copings are CAD/CAM precision milled for a near-perfect fit. The copings are available in 8 shades, eliminating the need for a fired porcelain butt margin.

Prescribe Lava™ today or call us to learn more about how Lava Restorations can benefit you and your patients.