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Br. Blatchford
Creating a Profitability Plan in the New Economy

Dr. Bill Blatchford, America’s dental business coach, is committed to each dentist operating a viable and strong practice by taking action in the areas that count. The New Economy is different, deeper and more divisive. The unknown can strike fear in dentist, team, patients and the community.

What are the necessary steps you and your team need to take today to insure your continued success? Dr. Blatchford speaks plainly and with integrity about the essential creation of a solid plan of action to stay in the game and flourish. 

Morning Session: The Ultimate—Money In Your Pocket 

Dr. Blatchford has been a champion coach for defining what makes a difference in a practice. Bringing money home is a joy for the doctor and real motivator for the team as it means the bonus plan works.

Dr. Blatchford will help you see that a focus on the net can produce exceptional dentistry at 45-55% overhead. See how big-picture thinking can move your practice to "wow" service and patient care. Positive leadership can create a whole new game and atmosphere in your office. Keep your fears at bay knowing your numbers and leading with decisive action. You will learn:

  • Which numbers you can change and what stops you
  • How you can be effective and still accept insurance
  • Hygiene's biggest and best contribution to numbers
  • An effective morning huddle
  • Scheduling in blocks, no kidding
  • How coaching can make a difference
  • How team members can increase their paychecks and have more time off with pay

Afternoon Session: The Sales Challenge—Conversations That Work

Dr. Blatchford will share how all people make decisions. He will show how education doesn't work because decisions are always made emotionally. He will show you how to enjoy conversations with patients which allow them to express their dreams, values and challenges. These conversations make the patient feel they are in the driver's seat and you are a great listener. He will share important shifts in thinking and pitfalls of where we stumble. Dr. Blatchford will help you develop a path to much greater sales acceptance. He will show you how to:

  • Make the patient the center of the conversation
  • Ask questions 20% of the time and let the patient talk 80% of time
  • Double and triple your case acceptance with larger cases
  • Use the concept of "fries with your burger"
  • Have every member of your team totally involved in sales
  • Make every conversation count

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