Cast Complete

Cast Complete

Cast Partials Complete

BonaDent’s Cast Partials Complete are designed digitally and cast in Chrome Cobalt alloy to provide strength, resistance to corrosion, and lightweight durability while delivering an accurate fit and extreme comfort for your patient. BonaDent’s Cast Partials strike the perfect balance between beauty, delicacy, and durability and are available with the same denture teeth and processing options as our complete denture lines. Additionally, we offer tooth colored acetyl clasps as well as flexible pink or clear clasp options for your patients.

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A good alginate impression is highly recommended in order to achieve optimal results. For the doctors that do not want to pour their own impressions, there are many extended pour alginate impression materials available—please ask your Lead Technical Contact for specific recommendations. Additionally, if scanning a cast partial, it is extremely important to grab as much of the anatomical landscape as possible.