As baby boomers age, it is evident that not every patient is a good candidate for dental implants. Our partial solutions provide you with outstanding options for restoring function for those patients. Every framework we produce is custom-designed and handcrafted to ensure smooth insertions, optimal comfort, excellent longevity, and increased patient confidence. Our fixed restorative and denture teams use a predictable process for combination/attachment cases to guarantee extraordinary results.

Employing digital technologies gives us the ability to provide you with design approval of your cases prior to manufacturing.  This unique, value-added service is available at no additional fee to you. Additionally, for the occasional “crown fit to partial case”—our digital experts have developed a method that allows your patient to keep their partial while the crown is created. 

Cast Complete

Cast Partials Complete

Our cast partials strike the perfect balance between beauty, delicacy, and durability.

Flexible Complete

Flexible Complete

Partial dentures from TSC flex along with the patient’s movement to create a very comfortable fit.