Digital Uploads

Leading technology to advance your practice

While our view of relationships is somewhat old-school, our technology use and adaptation is on the leading edge of innovation. BonaDent offers advanced technology solutions to improve many areas of your practice—from restoration fit to quality, compliance, and more. When used properly, we see technology as a means to achieving the most human goal of a happier, more satisfied patient.

Digital Impressions ​

You can’t be on the cutting edge of restorative technology without a well-resourced lab that has the ability to accept and process your digital impressions. Digital impressions increase quality, reduce chair time, speed the restoration process, and provide greater patient satisfaction. 

For instructions specific to your impressioning system, click the system below for instructions:

Photo Uploads

Photography significantly enhances shade and desired contour communication, helping to deliver predictable and highly esthetic patient outcomes. We accept your photo uploads through our easy-to-use portal and use them to speed turnaround times and achieve predictable results.

Digital Rx Uploads

BonaDent is proud to provide cutting-edge digital services and solutions for your practice.

Utilizing digital prescriptions guarantees a higher rate of accuracy and improved case communication ensuring consistency and precision on every case you send.

CBCT Scans

CBCT Scans are an invaluable tool in helping us to work together to achieve optimal results in creating surgical guides. Using 3D imaging, our Implant Specialists can take elements such as bone quality, bone density, and mental foramen into consideration to plan the ideal placement and angulation of implants in complex cases.