From the doctors themselves

We’ve had many dentists tell us that they didn’t fully appreciate the BonaDent difference until they worked with us on a case. Stories like those are rewarding for us to hear and can perhaps convince you to give BonaDent a try.

All of us at Great Smile Dental love working with Aaron Patterson, the general manager of the BonaDent - Melbourne Laboratory, and consider him not only a friend but a colleague.

Dr. Aaron Schamback

Port St. Lucie, FL

In my 42 years of dental practice I have worked with several dental labs. BonaDent has exceeded in professionalism, courtesy and superior results.  Lab cases are returned as requested, and my technician is always available for consultation and treatment planning.

Robert Brown, DMD

Newberry, SC

I have been very happy with BonaDent as part of my team. My patients receive an excellent product. Dave Bartran and Joe Nigro are consummate professionals, constantly striving to improve the overall experience. Keep up the great work!

Michael DeSanti, Jr

Albany, NY

We’ve utilized BonaDent as our primary lab for over ten years. From simple single unit cases to complex guided implant placement/restorative, I’ve always been pleased with the results and most importantly the communication with my supervisor, Pat Rector. Over my career, I’ve worked with several big and small labs—but none have delivered the consistency and customer service like BonaDent.

Jon Ohnezeit

Auburn, NY

Good Afternoon Frank,
Wanted to send appreciation and credit your way. Inserted Complete Z crowns #12 and #13, they both fit like a glove with no adjusting, contacts and occlusion were spot on and the esthetic stain was incredibly blended.
Thanks for maintaining the highest standard on your cases and your team. I have more and more confidence in my cases with Bonadent as I gain more experience at both the Waterloo and Syracuse offices.
Also thank you for being so available when I call about different cases. I love how accessible you are. I certainly do not intend to abuse this capability but it's nice knowing you are a phone call away with case questions, hope you don't mind when I call occasionally.

Steve Streiff, DMD

French Family Dentistry

It is always a pleasure to work with technicians who make my crown deliveries a walk in the park. Pop off the temp, try on the crown to find the margins, contour, contacts and occlusion perfect - then we cement and the patient says "That's it?" THANKS GUYS!

Dr. Scott Day, DDS

Gouverneur, NY

Dear Bruce:
Every now and then a really wonderful thing happens and here's one: In short, thanks for being my dental lab! Thanks for bucking the trend; being so creative, fantastic; working so hard to keep the American dream alive. I'm extremely proud of you, your beautiful family, fantastic staff, and all you have done and continue to do. Congratulations and great job. Well done!

James R. Orcutt, D.D.S. FACD, FICD, FPFA, FIADFE, IronDentist

Cooperstown, NY

I feel truly blessed to have joined in partnership with BonaDent.
Those directly responsible for the exceptional dentistry I am able to provide my patients are the most talented and artistic technicians I have worked with in over 20 years.
Their undivided attention of all my concerns, and knowledgeable advice is not only greatly appreciated, but affords me the opportunity for continued growth in my chosen profession.
Thank You BonaDent!

Stephen M. Korn, D.D.S.

Fairport, NY

BonaDent is head and shoulders over all the others. They treated me better than any other business I had to deal with in my 31 years of practice. I always felt special when dealing with BonaDent.
From the people that answer the phones to the technicians who put their hands on my cases and to the people who mailed the cases out, there was always care in what they did.
Since I started working with Scott and his team many years ago I truly found that my life was greatly enhanced. When I sent a case to BonaDent I always knew that it would be handled with great care and with the idea that it had to be PERFECT. That might sound like a load of sheep dip but it’s the truth. My practice was my baby for 31 years but it was time to move on. I left at the top and BonaDent helped me do it. I’ll always remember my FRIENDS at BonaDent.

Paul E. Osenkowski D.D.S.

Greenville, RI

You didn't meet my expectations on Myriam’s case, you set a whole new standard! Considering some of your outstanding prior cases, this is an achievement! This was perhaps the finest case I've had the privilege of completing in my 32 years of dentistry. The six-layered Empress crowns were beautifully and artistically layered with color and translucency, lobing and internal effect colors and edge effects. The naturalness was immediately noticeable, but I had the patient slip on my Orascoptic 4.8x scopes to see the detailed beauty of the porcelain work before I cemented the case. I didn't have to touch contacts, margins or contour, and the level, length and position of the temps were faithfully followed and copied. I bonded it all in and just dusted a couple of spots on the occlusion afterwards with ease.
It sure is nice to "work with the best", and Myriam sends "her compliments to the chef" as well.

Kenneth Epstein, D.D.S., F.A.G.D., Family Dental Group

Fairfield, CT

Implant dentistry is demanding and requires a dental laboratory that is on top of new and emerging technologies. BonaDent has always been a leader in implant prosthetics and has been an extremely valuable partner in consultation and fabrication through to surgery. BonaDent has been my implant partner for 15 years.

Dr. Gary C. Nawrocki, DDS

Cocoa Beach, FL

I just can't believe how perfect this crown-fit to partial was. This was not an easy case, and I knew that the patient did not want to be without her partial, so I only gave you overnight with the partial. I just seated the case and it literally only took 30 seconds - the partial snapped right in with no adjustment. Wonderful job to everyone who worked on this case.

Dr. Neha Batra

Rochester, NY

I email Mario questions about cases almost every other day and sincerely appreciate the promptness in reply to my emails and phone calls, not to mention the promptness to finish the case on time.

Avninder Upadhyay

Armington, CT