One man and a simple idea

70 years ago, a talented young dental lab technician named Angelo Bonafiglia opened his own small laboratory in Seneca Falls, NY, unknowingly setting the course for successful dental technicians for decades to come. Consisting of Angelo Bonafilglia and just two employees, BonaDent® was principally a denture lab, serving only a handful of local dentists. From the outset, the company’s goals were simple, but they ring as true today as they did in 1950: understand your doctors, know their needs, provide them with products that reflect the highest in craftsmanship and care, and deliver them with consistent, friendly customer service. This not-so-secret formula led to tremendous growth and many years of success at BonaDent.

BonaDent History

Fast forward to the present: BonaDent Dental Laboratories is an independently owned and operated, full-service dental lab, now in its fourth generation under the ownership of the Bonafiglia family. President Bruce H. Bonafiglia—an industry fixture since the age of five, when he earned ten cents an hour to clean denture flasks and run errands for his dad—bought the company in 1986. Since then, Bruce has presided over nearly three decades of success and steady growth at BonaDent, never losing sight of Angelo’s fundamental principles. Bruce’s daughters Daniele (Vice President) and Erin (Lead Technical Contact) are helping to propel the company toward continued growth and future success.

In 2011, BonaDent opened its current flagship location in Seneca Falls. The bright and spacious, 72,500-square-foot laboratory facility is one of the country’s most technologically equipped and well-resourced labs. Bruce believes wholeheartedly that it was his employees who truly built the new laboratory, due to their years of dedication and hard work. The state-of-the-art facility includes a fully wired, high-tech continuing education auditorium, a fitness center, an in-house restaurant and coffee shop, laundry service, an on-site wellness center, even a hair salon! BonaDent is as much a workplace as it is a lifestyle—and our people tend to stick around for a long time. Along with these many amenities, every technician has the latest, most advanced tools and equipment at their disposal for creating outstanding results for you and your patients.

By recently opening satellite locations in Greenville, SC and Bonita Springs, FL, our company has continued to broaden our reach and capacity, bringing BonaDent’s 70-year tradition of innovation and friendly service to more and more dentists each day. Everything we do here at BonaDent is directed at contributing to our customers’ success, because we know how much doctors appreciate consistency—especially when it arrives in the form of a highly esthetic, perfect-fitting restoration.